The benefits of a digital workplace with Microsoft 365

Enjoy working and enjoying a productive workflow; every working day should look like this! In the modern business world, it's all about efficiency, flexibility, and cyber security. The right tools can help you with that and that's exactly where Microsoft 365 comes in. Microsoft 365 is not one solution, but a large collection of online services. The Microsoft software suite is suitable for different target groups, regardless of location, role or industry. Many organizations already use (part of) Microsoft 365 in their daily operations. Why would you then still opt for a digital workplace like Simac | Your Space? In this blog, we are happy to tell you what valuable contribution Your Space can offer your organization!

A Digital Workplace with Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 offers an impressive range of features that includes various programs and apps. It enables you to perform your daily tasks, increase your productivity, streamline communication between colleagues, structure projects, and collaborate. The functionalities are versatile and provide a solid foundation for office work, wherever you are. But, more is needed than just Microsoft 365 to make the modern workplace efficient. And above all, more is needed to keep a workplace safe!

Working safely with a Digital Workplace

Our digital workplace, Your Space, goes beyond just the standard functionalities of Microsoft 365. To also secure the digital workplace, we apply a series of baseline standards to Microsoft products. A regular workplace with Microsoft products has basic settings, but these often do not meet the security requirements of an organization or the specific preferences of end users. The baseline settings improve the security of your workplace, making it better protected against external threats. In a time when we work anywhere and at any time, this is important. Whether you are working in a cafĂ©, at home or in the office, you want to make sure that your data is safe and not accessible to unauthorized persons.

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A complete portal for optimal use

Where Microsoft limits itself to familiar apps such as Word, Outlook, and Excel, a digital workplace offers a completely different, more comprehensive experience. Your Space includes an intuitive portal that shows more than just the basic programs. You can see at a glance the access to your Microsoft 365 apps, but also other specific programs and features that are relevant to your organization. Think of interactive news items about your company, the access to Teams channels of which you are a member, and important software. The portal ensures that you can provide the right information to the right people. It is a comprehensive platform that offers valuable solutions to companies that work a lot with SaaS applications or with legacy applications. Your Space presents a much richer contextual experience than just the standard Microsoft portal. This gives you a better work experience and allows you to work smarter! That's practical, especially in today's rapidly changing digital world.

Continuous improvement of the Digital Workplace

A good digital workplace offers a balance between security and practical use. In addition to security, we also see the importance of optimally utilizing the functionalities that are already in the Microsoft products. A good digital workplace integrates these functions and adds extra value to your workflow. 'Continuous improvement' is essential, because Microsoft technology and user needs are constantly evolving. Simac distinguishes itself by the way we deliver and continue to develop our digital workplace.

“Our team has a tremendous amount of knowledge. With continuous improvement as a guide, we create a platform that continually improves and continues to meet the changing needs of organizations.”

Koen van der Eijken- Technisch Consultant bij Simac IT NL

In essence, a digital workplace with Microsoft 365, such as  Your Space, provides the ideal solution for the modern workplace. It combines the power of Microsoft technology with continuous improvement, security, and a focus on practical usability. If you are ready to optimize your workplace for the future, Your Space is the solution!

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