Video Calling vs. Personal Contact: The Pros and Cons in the Healthcare Sector

Simac is at the forefront of technological innovation in healthcare. With our advanced video calling solutions we open new avenues for clients and healthcare providers to communicate in an accessible, efficient and secure manner. Utilizing Simac's deep expertise in IT security, a safe and reliable platform emerges for both healthcare providers and clients. Here, we explore the dynamics of video calling versus personal contact and how Simac seeks the balance in providing the best care.

The benefits of video calling in the healthcare

Video calling, one of the smart solutions that Simac offers via Vicasa, has various advantages. It makes care more accessible for clients who are limited in their mobility or have difficulty leaving their homes. In addition, healthcare professionals can work more efficiently; they save time and resources because travel is no longer necessary for every appointment. Simac's expertise in IT security ensures that video calling is a safe method for client consultations. Privacy and protection of client data are of utmost importance, which is essential for trust within the healthcare sector.

The disadvantages of video calling compared to personal contact

Nevertheless, video calling also has disadvantages. Some clients may feel impersonally treated, and non-verbal communication may be less easily picked up. However, technological knowledge is not required, as we have made sure that our app is extremely user-friendly. The app is specifically designed with accessibility in mind, so that everyone - regardless of their technical knowledge or skills - can use it effortlessly. This makes our video calling solution suitable for all clients, including those who may be less familiar with technology.

Blended care: video calling and personal contact integrated

At Simac, we recognize the value of both video calling and personal contact in healthcare. We aim for a balanced, customized approach that fits within the concept of blended care. Personal contact remains crucial for building a trusting relationship and for situations where a physical examination is necessary. Video calling forms an essential addition to traditional care, especially for standard consultations and follow-up discussions. At Simac, we understand that healthcare organizations need flexible IT solutions that adapt to different situations. We deliver healthcare services where technology is used to enhance the human aspects of care, not to replace them. This means integrating video calling and other IT solutions with traditional care practices to elevate the service level. With Vicasa, we integrate seamlessly into healthcare delivery, enabling healthcare providers to work more efficiently and patients to have a better experience.


How does Simac implement video calling in healthcare?

To optimize the implementation of video calling, Simac provides support in setting up digital workplaces and training healthcare staff. Through clear instructions and support, Simac contributes to a smooth transition where technology is experienced as a natural extension of healthcare practice.

The future of healthcare: integration of personal and digital

The future of the healthcare sector lies in the integration of personal and digital contact. Simac is committed to playing a leading role in this. With a passion for innovation and developing its team, Simac works on solutions that improve both efficiency and the client experience. Would you like to know more about how video calling can be implemented in your healthcare institution? Contact Simac via or call +31 40 258 29 44.


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In the healthcare sector, video calling complements personal contact; it is not about choosing one over the other, but about a blend of both. The advantages of both methods, when applied appropriately, can complement each other and benefit the care. Simac is ready to contribute to this development with its expertise and innovative healthcare solutions. Are you ready to embrace this transformation with Simac?

If you have questions or want advice on the optimal integration of IT solutions in your healthcare institution, do not hesitate to get in touch with Simac. Together we will find the solution that best fits your healthcare policy.

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