Simac & IBM: Pioneering new AI tool for proactive cloud management

To stay ahead in the rapidly changing technology world, Simac had to improve the management of compute capacity in the cloud. Simac aimed to make capacity needs predictable, manage them efficiently, gain deep insight into resource usage and dynamically adapt capacity to varying demand.

Collaboration Simac and IBM: innovation in cloud management

To address these challenges, Simac and IBM developed an AI-based Intelligent Operations Management tool to better understand and manage cloud capacity. The tool also helps with capacity management, resource monitoring and correctly dimensioning capacity over time.

Advanced capacity management with IBM Cloud Pak for AIOps

The solution was developed based on four existing IBM technologies. At its core is IBM Cloud Pak for AIOps. With this, Simac can manage events originating from Instana and other management solutions. The Cloud Pak is an AI-driven solution that automatically correlates events and reduces them to manageable incidents. This enables administrators to proactively prevent potential disruptions. Should a disruption occur nonetheless, it allows them to quickly identify cause and effect. Additionally, the tool visualizes the entire environment in real-time, as well as historically - from transactions and applications at the top of the stack to the physical hardware at the bottom, including all interconnections.

"The benefits of this solution are numerous. Customers now have insight into their capacity needs at any time, enabling them to scale down capacity at quieter times and thus save costs. In addition, we can make better predictions for future capacity needs, which is for example beneficial for companies with seasonal operations such as supermarkets."

Bas van der Wijst, Director Operations at Simac

Efficient analysis of cloud data with Instana and Turbonomic

Instana acts as a reliable and efficient data collection tool, allowing Simac to collect the necessary data from various sources within their Cloud portfolio in a structured way. The data is transferred to Turbonomic, a powerful solution that acts as the processing and analytics hub. Turbonomic takes the raw data and applies advanced algorithms to identify patterns, trends, and anomalies.

Accessible reporting with Cognos Analytics

As soon as all data is analyzed, the findings can be presented to the client in an understandable and accessible manner. Cognos Analytics provides, as reporting platform, powerful tools for visualizing and communicating the results of the analysis.

Powerful platform for operations management

Together, these IBM technologies form a powerful and integrated platform that enables Simac to provide intelligent operational management solutions to their customers, giving them an edge in a competitive and rapidly evolving market.

"One of the biggest advantages of this capacity management solution is its broad applicability. Whether it's retail, manufacturing, finance or any other industry, the joint solution provides valuable insights and opportunities for optimization."

Job Oprel, partner ecosystem manager at IBM

Proactive failure prevention with AI

The ability to monitor the entire chain offers unprecedented opportunities. The use of AI exposes unknown factors at an early stage. This way customers can prevent disruptions and gain better insights into their operational processes. Rapid detection of anomalies enables proactive measures to be taken before they escalate into major issues.    

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