The Power of Human-Centered IT Support at Your Expert Desk

At Simac, we understand that customer support is not just an ancillary service; it's the backbone of worry-free IT solutions. The ability to provide not just technical solutions, but also to prioritize human interaction makes the difference between a standard IT service and an optimal user experience. And what better way to achieve this than with a service desk that is truly customer-oriented? The Your Expert Desk from Simac is the prime example of how customer focus and a personal touch make a difference.

What is Your Expert Desk?

Within Simac's services, Your Expert Desk holds a special place. Your Expert Desk is an essential part of our comprehensive portfolio. This means that when you choose a Simac solution, the Expert Desk is necessary and contributes to a full, high-quality service experience. This service is specifically designed to bridge the gap between the technical possibilities of IT and the daily reality of our clients. Whether it's resolving a simple issue or tackling complex IT problems, Your Expert Desk provides reliable support for all customer inquiries.

The Role of Customer Focus at Your Expert Desk

At Simac, the human aspect is central in our IT services. We understand that technology is not just about bits and bytes, but about helping people to do their jobs more effectively and efficiently. It means that we focus not only on solving problems when they occur but also proactively think along with customers. We anticipate possible challenges and offer solutions that meet the unique needs of each organization.

XLA: Experience Management at Simac

At Simac, we incorporate the Xperience Level Agreement (XLA) philosophy in all our solutions as part of our primary focus on guaranteeing optimal IT experiences. By using XLA, we gain deeper insight into the needs, desires, and pain points of our end-users. This allows us to continually improve our services and processes to provide an optimal user experience. In the context of ticket handling, this means that we focus not only on resolving a technical issue quickly and effectively but also on how the interaction and solution is experienced by the customer. We understand that a ticket is not just a solution, but an opportunity to strengthen the relationship with the customer by creating a positive experience. For this reason, we take the time to understand the customer's situation, communicate proactively, and offer effective solutions.

With XLA, Jumbo and Simac Put the IT Customer at the Center

Jumbo and Simac are taking the first steps on the XLA path. More than ever, the focus is on the X of Experience: how satisfied are Jumbo's store employees with the service provided?



Why Choose Simac?

Our many years of experience have not only given us technical expertise but also a deep understanding of the impact of technology on various industries and individuals. With Simac's Your Expert Desk, we combine our technological knowledge with a listening ear for the customer, to offer a service that truly counts.

Curious about what Your Expert Desk can do for you?

Are you looking for an IT partner that not only listens but also actively contributes to improving your business processes? Then contact Simac via or call us at +31 40 258 29 44. Our team is always ready to provide you with a service that is as unique as your business.


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