Simac accelerates the digital transformation of small and medium-sized enterprises with SAP Cloud ALM

In the modern business landscape where flexibility and real-time data are crucial, Simac stands at the forefront as a promoter of digital transformation. But how exactly? Well, a turning point for many companies is the integration of SAP Cloud ALM, a platform that enables faster adaptation and improved monitoring of business processes. 

Faster digital transformation with SAP Cloud ALM for SMBs 

For small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), often with diverse and complex processes such as development, design, sales, and installation, the implementation of SAP Cloud ALM is revolutionary. Companies are constantly searching for ways to optimize their operations, and this is where Simac comes into play. 

Simac facilitates companies with SAP Cloud ALM, a solution that not only simplifies implementation and integration but also the monitoring and optimization of business processes. These are all key elements for realizing the Sustainable Intelligent Enterprise. This is a business model where sustainability principles are combined with intelligent technologies, aiming to create economic, ecological, and social value.   

For existing and new SAP users 

For existing SAP users, SAP Cloud ALM is the logical next step. But what does this mean for new SAP users? They too can benefit from SAP Cloud ALM. For new SAP users, a complete, standardized suite is available that seamlessly aligns with their business operations: GROW with SAP. This suite is highly suitable for SMBs and is fully integrated with SAP Cloud ALM. It includes a comprehensive suite of solutions, implementation support, access to the user community, and best practices to help SMEs successfully transition to the cloud. GROW with SAP with SAP Cloud ALM supports companies in their digital transformation and eases the implementation process. 

Transition to the cloud: a seamless migration with SAP Cloud ALM and Simac 

Whether dealing with existing custom landscapes or a new standard suite like GROW with SAP, an implementation partner with industry knowledge is crucial for a successful project. Simac's experienced consultants have been visiting organizations in the retail, healthcare, and industry sectors for decades for automation inquiries. They are familiar with the special wishes and needs of specific industries and know how to translate these to the capabilities of SAP. Simac is a reliable IT partner that can listen, advise, and most importantly, roll up their sleeves to guide your company successfully through the project. 

Conclusion: a strategic move with Simac 

It is clear how Simac transforms companies with SAP Cloud ALM: by providing a tailored route to digital transformation. For both existing SAP users and completely new SAP users. With the right tools and expertise, we ensure that your business is not only prepared for the future but also has a head start in it. 

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