The importance of user adoption for our digital workplace Simac | Your Space

You might have heard about user adoption, but what does it truly mean for your organization? User adoption is about smoothly transitioning to new technologies, like Simac | Your Space, Simac's innovative digital workplace. But why is a solid user adoption strategy a must-do for your organization?

Increase productivity and save costs with good user adoption

Optimal user adoption for Simac | Your Space means that employees can get to work quicker and more efficiently. The result? A direct increase in productivity. Moreover, a flawless transition to new systems leads to a quicker adaptation and lowers costs in the long term, as the learning curve is accelerated.

User satisfaction: an asset not to be underestimated

Satisfied employees are loyal employees. With a good user adoption approach, Simac aims to keep your team content with their digital work environment. This not only promotes work performance but also the company culture.


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Simac's approach

Simac is no stranger when it comes to guiding user adoption for the digital workplace. With two well-thought-out strategies, the Enhanced and Elevated strategies, we ensure that the transition is as seamless as possible.

User adoption Enhanced: the power of self-leadership

In our Enhanced approach, Simac's consultants provide strong support in the form of learning resources, communication strategies, and sponsorship. It's then up to your organization to apply the acquired resources and knowledge.

User adoption Elevated: Simac takes the helm

Opting for the Elevated strategy? Simac takes full execution and guidance of the user adoption process upon itself. From videos and trainings to communication and adoption strategies – we make sure your team is guided from A to Z.

Embarking on customized user adoption

Are there specific needs in the area of user adoption for your organization? Then there is the possibility for customization on top of one of the packages.

Discover Simac: your partner in IT and technology

At Simac, we understand the importance of technological integration within companies like no other. With our in-depth knowledge and experience across various markets, we offer a wide range of IT services and smart solutions. In addition to IT solutions, you can also turn to us for user adoption, where we work together with you to take significant steps towards a technologically advanced future!


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