Strengthening IT Solutions: Simac's Experiences and Insights from Cisco Live

As a prominent player in the IT sector, Simac's presence at events like Cisco Live perfectly fits our strategy. This is not just any conference; it is a crucial platform for innovation and collaboration. But what exactly is Cisco Live, and what benefits does it offer Simac?

Depth and Connection: Simac at Cisco Live

Cisco Live is an annual event organized by our strategic partner Cisco. It consists of a series of educational and inspiring sessions focused on the latest technologies, innovations, and solutions in the IT sector. The event offers unique learning opportunities, including hands-on labs, technical seminars, and networking options with peers and industry professionals.

What can the customer expect after Simac's attendance at Cisco Live?

Simac sees participation at Cisco Live not only as an opportunity to witness the latest trends and updates in the IT world but especially as a chance to gather new insights that directly benefit the customer. But how?

Knowledge and Innovation: The Building Blocks for Customer Success

During Cisco Live, our experts have the opportunity to delve into the world of advanced network infrastructures and the applications that can be built upon them. What we learn there, we translate into potential improvements in our own services and products. Think, for example, of improved multicloud services, advanced cybersecurity solutions, and new ways of collaboration. This direct translation means for the customer that you can always expect the most advanced technologies and services.

The World of Solutions from Cisco: More Than Just Infrastructure

In the World of Solutions, the beating heart of Cisco, our experts discover how we can enrich infrastructure with smart solutions. This results in offering more than just network services; Simac sees it as an opportunity to make your business processes more efficient and secure through technology that perfectly matches your specific business needs.


New State-of-the-Art Wi-Fi Network in the Philips Stadium of PSV

Simac transformed the Philips Stadium with a state-of-the-art Wi-Fi and LAN network. This was made possible by the technology from Cisco. The goal is to keep all stadium visitors connected before, during, and after a match for an optimal experience.

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Innovation through Collaboration: The Power of Partnerships

One of the key ingredients for success in today’s market is collaboration. Simac cherishes existing partnerships, such as the collaboration with PSV, and also seeks out new alliances. By combining forces, not just within our company structure but also beyond, we create innovative solutions that we might not otherwise discover.

Customer in Mind: Simac at Cisco Live, What’s in It for You?

After an event like Cisco Live, we come back with fresh ideas and new perspectives that we apply to our services. This means that our customers can benefit from:

  • Access to the latest technologies and trends.
  • Enhanced, tailor-made IT solutions that align with specific needs.
  • Benefit from our strengthened and new partnerships.
  • Added value through our increased expertise in areas such as machine learning, AI, and industrial automation.

Looking Forward: The Future after Cisco Live

Simac doesn't stop after Cisco Live. We take the knowledge and inspiration back to our everyday practice and look forward to discussing with you how these new insights can support and help grow your business.


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