Discover the benefits of Device-as-a-Service: Cost control, flexibility, and more.

The continuous development of technology makes flexibility and scalability crucial for businesses. A service that optimizes the management of an organization's IT infrastructure is Device-as-a-Service (DaaS). But what exactly is DaaS, and why should organizations use it?

What is DaaS?

Simac | Your Device as a Service is a complete solution for logistic relief and financing of IT equipment characterized by a high degree of flexibility and scalability. It involves hardware such as desktops, laptops, tablets, and mobile devices. With DaaS, you have access to IT equipment without significant upfront investments, with a fixed monthly rate that includes maintenance and support. Simply put, it's comparable to taking out a subscription.

The benefits of DaaS at Simac

Cost control and budget-friendly

With Simac's DaaS solution, IT costs are predictable, with a fixed monthly rate without unexpected expenses for repair or maintenance. This assists in efficient budgeting and financial planning for your organization.

Flexibility and scalability

The IT infrastructure can be easily adjusted to the growth or shrinkage of your organization. With DaaS, you can scale your IT needs up or down depending on the operational demands of the moment.

Focus on core activities

By outsourcing IT management to the experts at Simac, organizations can focus on their core activities while we take care of the technical matters such as installation, maintenance, and updates of the equipment.

Stay up-to-date with the latest technology

With lifecycle management (part of DaaS), you always have access to the latest models of various devices. With DaaS, you can easily upgrade to the newest equipment when needed.

Sustainability and circular IT

Our DaaS solution supports sustainability goals by extending the lifespan of devices through reuse and recycling, which contributes to lower environmental impact.

More efficiency and less management burden

By using DaaS, Simac takes a large burden off the shoulders of internal IT departments. Simac manages the complete lifecycle of devices, from acquisition and configuration to depreciation and replacement. This allows your IT team to fully focus on strategic projects that directly add value to your organization. In addition, Simac minimizes downtime by providing prompt replacement options and continuous support. This results in higher productivity and user satisfaction.

Your future with Simac DaaS

DaaS from Simac is more than just a technological service; it's a strategic choice that helps organizations transition to a more flexible, secure, and future-proof business operation.


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