Smart Management of SAP with Smart Managed Services

With Symphony from BCS, SAP Focused Run, and SAP Build Process Automation.

The SAP landscape forms the foundation of your organization, but managing it can often be challenging and time-consuming. Simac offers a unique and strong solution with Smart Managed Services. 

Innovation in SAP management 

Process optimization is growing rapidly in the IT world, but is sometimes overlooked when it comes to SAP management. However, managing SAP systems flawlessly and cost-effectively is a domain where significant gains can be made. Smart Managed Services from Simac utilizes advanced tools and applications such as Symphony from BCS, SAP Focused Run, and SAP Build Process Automation to efficiently and flawlessly manage business processes. 

The power of orchestration 

Automating - or rather, 'orchestrating' - repetitive tasks within the SAP landscape offers significant benefits. It improves collaboration between departments and minimizes human errors. For example, during a refresh, this sophisticated form of automation ensures an optimally coordinated sequence and parallelization of tasks, resulting in shorter lead times and less downtime. Simac uses Symphony from BCS to achieve this. 

Automating away daily management 

Another important component of Smart Managed Services is the automation of routine management tasks in the SAP landscape. This enables IT specialists to focus their attention on more valuable activities, such as system improvements and process optimization of business processes. Simac uses SAP Build Process Automation to achieve this. This not only reduces costs but also improves efficiency. 

The future of monitoring 

With the increasing complexity of SAP landscapes, there is also a growing need for robust monitoring tools. Simac employs, among others, SAP Focused Run, an advanced tool that enables us to quickly respond to performance issues before they affect business operations. 

Smart Managed Services as a catalyst for process optimization 

Smart Managed SAP Services from Simac contribute to process optimization within your company in two ways. On one hand, we optimize your SAP landscape down to the smallest details. On the other hand, we focus not only on new functionalities; we also concentrate on the management processes. There is often much to be gained there. Through smart automation and custom solutions, we can make processes more efficient and save costs. 

Thanks to our experience in various sectors, we are able to offer tailor-made solutions that perfectly match the specific needs of your organization. 

If you need an expert partner to take care of your SAP landscape down to the last detail, please contact us at or call +31 40 258 29 44. Find out how Smart Managed SAP Services can make your company future-proof. 

Jos van der Laan - Manager Business Applications Simac IT NL
Jos van der Laan - Manager Business Applications Simac IT NL


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