The future of retail: AI-driven incident management and customer service

Together with Jonathan van Raaij, product marketing manager at Simac, we explore the role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in modern retail and service industries. Jonathan gives an extensive explanation of how Simac plans to utilize AI technologies to optimize services provided to retail customers.

Proactive management through AI

Jonathan explains how Simac is implementing AI in their services. These services are primarily focused on the efficient installation and proactive management of IT environments within retail. "We take care of the installation and continuously monitor these systems to foresee and prevent possible issues," says Jonathan. He highlights the importance of AI in generating events that aid in anticipating incidents, thus avoiding potential malfunctions.

Preventing malfunctions proactively with AI

The impact of AI extends to the prevention of malfunctions in stores. Jonathan details how AI-driven remote monitoring and management tools are essential to stay ahead of problems. "If an incident does occur, customers can reach our Expert Desk. Our first goal is to resolve the issue remotely, and if that's not sufficient, we send a field engineer to the store to provide quick and efficient on-site support."

New technologies on the horizon

Moreover, Simac is exploring the implementation of Microsoft Copilot, the AI assistant feature from Microsoft. Jonathan is excited about the potential of this AI model and the possibilities for its deployment within the secure environments of Simac. "Different applications could help us further improve our service," says Jonathan.

Initiative for customer autonomy

Jonathan: "One of the latest initiatives in the area of Simac Retail Support Services is the expansion of the self-service portal. Customers can now independently submit and track change requests. This development enables customers to solve problems on their own without direct contact with our Expert Desk. This is a significant step forward in our customers' autonomy."

Future plans and challenges

Regarding the future, Jonathan sees many possibilities for AI to support field engineers. "Field engineers could use an intelligent database to search for solutions quickly and specifically, making their work more efficient," he explains. Despite the many benefits, Jonathan also acknowledges challenges such as rapid technological advancements that require continuous adaptation and the necessity of safely integrating AI into existing systems.

Future-Oriented Innovation at Simac

At Simac, we see AI not just as a tool, but as an integral part of the strategy to improve and modernize customer service. Simac remains at the forefront by building the store of the future together with our retail customers.

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